1. Interview with Ludovine de la Rochère

    July 18

    Founder of the La Manif Pour Tous

  1. Same-Sex Marriage

    February 22

    New article explains

  1. Apologies for Delay

    December 24

    Redesign of Humanum in progress

  1. New site for Life and Family

    December 04

    Co-founded by the Knights of Columbus

  1. Dignity of Women

    October 12

    Meeting in Rome

  1. The alternative to TV

    October 06

    Toy theaters to stage a come-back

  1. Mulieris Dignitatem

    October 05

    Anniversary seminar on Women

  1. Summer issue published

    September 24

    New Humanum online

  1. Resources on ageing

    September 24

    Useful links for information

  1. Pope to gynecologists

    September 22

    Pope Francis speaks to the medical profession

  1. Wisdom of old age

    July 27

    Pope celebrates grandparents at WYD

  1. Supreme Court against DOMA

    June 30

    Support for same-sex couples

  1. Celebration of Evangelium Vitae

    June 19

    Joh Paul II's great encyclical

  1. Cause of homosexuality?

    June 03

    Study suggests new explanation

  1. Comparing studies of gay parenting

    May 04

    BAAF vs Regnerus

  1. Toddlers addicted to iPads

    April 27

    Technology becoming a problem in the home?

  1. Where homosexuality seems not to exist

    April 27

    "Searching for children"

  1. Gosnell trial

    April 18

    Abortion controversy makes headlines at last

  1. Day care disaster

    April 18

    New report, old assumption, continuing problem

  1. Human eggs from aborted fetuses

    April 05

    Some scientists are ready, but are the rest of us?

  1. “Absent Fathers” published

    March 18

    The latest issue of Humanum

  1. Same-sex “marriage” closer in Britain

    February 09

    Same-Sex Marriage Bill approved by Parliament

  1. March for Life

    January 26

    40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

  1. Massive demonstrations in Paris

    January 18

    France rallies to defend marriage

  1. Christmas Address to Roman Curia

    December 23

    Pope cites the Chief Rabbi of France in defence of the family

  1. Experience Advent

    December 06

    Meditations now published

  1. Reflections after Savita

    December 05

    Catholic doctors on abortion and double-effect

  1. Defeat for assisted suicide

    November 20

    Voters in Massachusetts turned against "death with dignity"

  1. Apologies for delay

    November 18

    Same-Sex Unions issue overdue

  1. Single parenthood

    September 18

    Economic problems highlighted.

  1. Three-parent families

    September 11

    Concept of marriage continues to evolve.

  1. Hippocratic Oath today

    August 26

    Can we trust our doctors?

  1. A male Pill?

    August 24

    New research suggests a male contraceptive pill may be on the way.

  1. Jerome Lejeune

    August 17

    A cause for beatification.

  1. Genetically modified babies

    July 07

    World's first GM children...

  1. New studies of gay parenting

    June 13

    Two new studies raise questions.

  1. Contraception Mandate

    June 11

    Editor of Communio weighs in.

  1. Conference

    May 20

    Report on our conference on Children of Divorce, by Margaret M. McCarthy

  1. Eggs from stem cells

    April 23

    Human eggs can be produced in a lab dish.

  1. World Congress of Families

    March 31

    WCF in Madrid, May 25-27, 2012.

  1. A Coalition for Marriage

    March 05

    Defending the definition.

  1. Conference

    March 02

    New issue of HUMANUM prepares the ground for a re-examination of divorce.

  1. Infanticide

    March 01

    The prolife movement finds an unexpected ally.

  1. Divorce harms children

    February 14

    It may come as no surprise, but...

  1. Happy Valentines Day!

    February 14

    Prof. McCarthy reflects on the contraception mandate and religious freedom.

  1. Chaput on Down syndrome

    February 12

    Archbishop Chaput gave an impressive talk on the occasion of the March for Life.

  1. Babies with three parents?

    January 20

    An IVF technique to eradicate hereditary diseases using DNA of a third party.

  1. Sperm donation

    January 10

    Donation can be profitable... and unsettling.

  1. The Marriage Foundation

    January 07

    There are plans to launch a new organisation to promote marriage in the spring.

  1. The Christmas Child

    December 25

    Happy Christmas to all our readers!

  1. Apologies for eugenics

    December 16

    Victims of state-sponsored sterilization in North Carolina seek compensation.

  1. Tribute to John Paul II

    December 06

    First English-language edition of Humanitas.

  1. What is happening to marriage?

    December 04

    The two approaches to the question.

  1. Beyond the culture wars

    December 03

    An article describing our first issue.

  1. Keeping the World Awake to God

    December 01

    An important conference on Vatican II.

  1. Conference on secularism

    November 21

    Report on conference at the University of Notre Dame, Nov 10-12, 2011.

  1. Ending Down’s Syndrome?

    November 18

    A new test makes abortion more likely.

  1. Humanum launched

    November 15

    ...on the feast of St Albert the Great.

  1. Child 7 Billion

    November 01

    Are seven billion people too many?

  1. Caring for the Old

    October 24

    In Britain, concerns keep surfacing about the treatment of the elderly in care homes.

  1. Bioethics in Communio

    October 23

    Important articles on bioethical issues can be found in the international review Communio.

  1. The San Jose Articles

    October 22

    There is no international right to abortion.

  1. Materialism bad for marriage

    October 21

    A new study confirms the obvious.

  1. Breast cancer risk

    October 18

    Report from the Mayo Clinic.

  1. Rising age of mothers

    October 06

    The average age of first motherhood seems to be rising in Western societies.

  1. MaterCare International

    September 21

    The organization MaterCare International recently held

  1. Our conferences

    August 20

    Past and future conferences of the Center for Cultural and Pastoral Research

  1. Two-Minus-One

    August 10

    An important article on "pregnancy reduction" after IVF from the New York Times Magazine

  1. Round and about

    June 01

    Some stories from last year that may still be of interest to our readers, summarized by the Editor.